Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glitter Shoe Repair!

About a month ago I took Kellie shoe shopping. I blame this on my youth - I was NEVER allowed to get the cute shoes, just the shoes that would last the longest (and in a size to big so they would last longer) I have to say the hubs was none too pleased when we returned with these glitter shoes. She REALLY wanted them, and she is an ONLY child!!

The fact that I also purchased her some practical sneakers (stans glitter) as well was no excuse.

"They won't last a month!" He said.

Unfortunately, this is one of those times hubs was 100% correct.
After a few weeks the super cute shoes looked more like this...

So I found a tutorial (on Pinterest of course) on how to make your own glitter shoes. I took this concept and, as much as it pained me to use the most dreaded craft item of all time (glitter), decided I could 'fix' Kellie's poor shoes.

You would need:
Glitter - she was wearing her shoes (as she has everyday for the last month) and we matched the color as best we could.
Mod Podge
Spray Adhesive
Disposable foam brush

I used about 1/4 cup mod podge and dumped glitter into it until it was a thicker glitter paste.
The glitter paste was spread on the glitter-free portions of the shoes - I then waited about an hour and added another coat.
Once there was enough glitter I took the shoes outside and sprayed them with a light coat of the spray adhesive. I was going to skip this step, but learned that mod podge is NOT water-resistant! So you MUST use the spray adhesive as well if you want these to last!

They ended up like this! Not to shabby!!
*I'll continue to do this until they just can't be salvaged any further!!*


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  2. I found a paint at Wal-Mart in the craft area that would possibly work if you can find the right color that has the glitter in it. I used it on a project for my step-daughter and it seemed to do the trick. It would also allow for really quick touch ups.

  3. Thats absolutely amazing!!! They look brand new..By the way Im your new follower from the october blog hop!!