Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Even more Labor Day Cards

These are the last five cards I did this weekend - brings me up to 183 completed projects as of today - Day 245 !! I'm still 62 projects behind, but I'm determined to get caught up and I have 120 days to do it!!

More Labor Day Cards

These are 'Just Because' cards - I like to have a bunch on hand just in case.
Projects done: 178
Days since start: 245 (still 67 projects behind)

Labor Day cards

I really did work hard on getting caught up this weekend - I have 13 new cards to post today and two other projects I did yesterday I'll post soon. I didn't realize until I did the math in the last post how insanely behind I was - it's actually kind of daunting! But I'm determined to not give up and finish on time!!!

Four Birthday Cards:

Projects done: 174
Days since start: 245 (71 projects behind)

Wall Vinyl

I did these a while ago, but didn't get around to taking a picture until about a week ago - then didn't get around to downloading off my camera until yesterday! These where on the wall in my sisters room for when she gets back from her LDS mission NEXT WEEK!!!

How cute are these flowers and little red bird!

My sister is assigned to the "Ohio Columbus Mission" and signs all her letters "OCM Represent" so we thought that would be cute on the wall too.
She has now found a love for Ohio State - Sorry U of U, so this seems appropriate...
Projects done: 170
Days since start: 245 (75 projects behind...)
fyi the ... should be read and dum, dum, dum