Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giant Granny Square

As you may remember from THIS POST- I've been working on a giant granny square and now I've finally got it finished - this photo is the blanket on my queen sized bed. I've been working on this blanket since December (mostly due to the amount of yarn - about 16 total skeins- this required, resulting in my husbands pet name for the project 'the yarn hog'), and I'm so glad to finally have it finished. This is for my BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world who lives all the way in Montana.

Her favorite colors are dark green, navy and dark purple -- I added the gray to breakup the darker colors a bit.

I used a standard granny square pattern with a "K" hook and just kept going and going and going until I couldn't stand it any more!

I almost hate to let this go, I used a bulky weight yarn so it's very soft and comfy!


  1. Madison here visiting you from Crafty Critique! You have quite a lovely blog! I'm so jealous of your crochet skills. I've been fiddling around with crochet lately and just can't seem to get it right. I've learned the chain, single, double and triple stitches, but despite that I can't seem to make anything other than a straight line! Any tips on where to start?

  2. Welcome! It sounds like you have the basics down - creating a a straight line isn't that easy! I would recommend starting with a hat - for four reasons:
    1 - it will help you learn how to read a pattern
    2 - there are TONS of different options from uber easy to more difficult
    3 - it's pretty quick, so you get to start and finish in a few hours. Rather than an afghan which could take days, weeks or months (eek - overwhelming!)
    4- If you mess up - you just unravel and start again. It's a small project so you don't feel like you're losing a lot of valuable work if you have to go back a round or two.

    I have a hat and scarf pattern on my blog that are pretty easy if you want to give them a go! Keep me posted, I love to see other people's work and would LOVE to give you some pointers along the way if needed!

  3. Thanks so much for your tips! I'll definitely check out your patterns and let you know if I finish one of them. I'll email you pictures. (Okay, let's not kid ourselves. Email where only you can see it!? It'll probably get posted on my blog so I can brag to the world. Haha!)

  4. Very nice! I have started several projects and never finished them. I'm a new follower.