Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Cards

Oh my, I'm so far behind in my projects! I took the PaperCrafts magazine I was working from last month and started working through more of the 'scetchs' they have and think they turned out great. I made two birthday cards, one thinking of you, and a blank card.

This was made from the 'Stamping' soultions cartridge. It turned out to be very simple and I love the way the colors look together.

This was made from scraps of paper and some ribbon, I cut the bird out using "Straight from the Nest". The card is blank inside so I can do anything with it!

This is the first birthday card I did, the only thing I used my cricut for was to cut the stars, everything else was cutting using a paper cutter.

Another birthday card, this was also cut using the 'Stamping' solutions cartrige and I just layered the different sections of the cupcake. This only too about 10 minutes to do, so it was prefect!!

My daughter showing off the card she made while I was working!!
Days since start: 164
Projects Completed: 151