Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School!!

My daughter, the famous Miss Kellie, is an only child.  Today was Miss Kellie's first day of school and boy was she excited!  She got up early (5:45am) not wanting to miss a thing, got ready and went off to school with her Dad.  It broke my heart but I couldn't be there, Dad flew solo and did an awesome job getting a few really cute pictures for this scrapbookin' Mama!!

 I'm sorry, I  must say I have one of the cutest kids on the planet....

Anyway, because Miss Kellie is the one and only we have had a set night time schedule since she was a baby.  Now all three of us need to get adjusted to a new routine, mornings won't be as easy going and evenings need to include homework time. 

Because Miss Kellie is getting to be SO independent, I wanted to make a visual reminder for her.  This way she can get going in the morning and before we're ready to leave we can run through the list and be sure everything is set.

With an old cookie sheet and my scrapbook supplies I got to work.  I split the cookie sheet into two sections, morning and night.  I adhered the two sheets of paper with my homemade ModPodge (you can find that link in this post), cut ten squares, then used my trusty cricut to cut a cute picture for each reminder. I let Miss Kellie help decide what to put on each block and pick out the colors for each element.  Both sections have a magnet embellished with vinyl to be used as a 'place holder' or attach notes we don't want to miss.

In the end we got this, pretty nifty I think:

A closer shot of each side: