Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Any ideas for these???

Okay so about six months ago I learned how to crochet a 'granny square' - I know I'm SO far behind in my crochet education!! I started an afghan for a friend of mine with the individual squares and then connected them around a larger square and trimmed them in gray. I finished these two, two foot squares and decided I would rather make an afghan as one gigantic granny square (photos to come as soon as that huge project is done) and set these aside.
I have no idea what to do with these and I'm putting a call out for ideas!

They are great colors and I hate to just have them sitting around waiting and waiting and waiting.....


Hat Update!

Two more hats done (one from last week and one from this week) and one has a scarf to match. I had an entire skein of this gold, bulky weight yarn I was going to use for an afghan - but found a bright yellow that worked better. Which is why I wanted to make a matching scarf and hat set. So because I did these on my own I'm attempting to write a 'pattern'. This is my first one - so be kind!!

For the scarf using a 'K' hook- single crochet (sc) 141 - sc in loop second from the hook and sc to the end. Continue sc for 14 rows. I then added three rows of double crochet to each end of the scarf to fatten the ends a bit.
To finish using a contrasting color - triple crochet around the entire piece, at each corner sc three before turning to prevent the piece from looking to squished.

Easy Peasy!!

If you want to make the hat - this is what I did using a 'K' hook:

In Main Color
Ch 2
Row 1: in second loop from the hook, dc 8 and join with a slip stitch
Row 2: ch 3 (will always count as the first dc/tc in the first loop) dc in same loop then 2dc in each remaining loop and join with a slip stitch
Row 3: ch 3, dc in first loop, dc in next loop *2dc in next loop, dc in next loop* continue until end and join with a slip stitch
Row 4: ch 3, dc in same loop, dc in next two loops, *2dc in next loop, dc in next two loops* continue to end and join with a a slip stitch

In Contrasting Color
Row 5: ch 4 (counts as the first tc) tc in same loop, tc in next 3 loops, *2tc in next loop, tc in next three loops* continue to end and join with slip stitch

In Main Color
Row 6: ch 3, dc in same loop, dc in next 4 loops, *2sc in next loop, dc in next 4 loops* continue to end and join with slip stitch
Row 7 and 8: ch 3, dc in each loop to end and join with slip stitch

In Contrasting Color
Row 9 -11: ch 3, sc in each loop to end and join with slip stitch

In Main Color
Row 12 - 14: ch 3, dc in each loop to end and join with slip stitch

In Contrasting Color
Row 15: ch 4, tc in each loop to end and join with slip stitch
Row 16: *ch 4, slip stitch in next loop*continue to end and join with a slip stitch - this creates the ruffly edge at the bottom of this hat.

Keep in mind - I have never written a pattern before, so let me know if there are any corrections!

Happy Hooking...

This is just a basic hat pattern that turned out to be pretty fat - but I'm sure there is someone out there with a big fat head it will fit perfectly.

Dumbo the bunny

I went to a family reunion last weekend at my brothers house in Idaho. When I can, I try to bring something homemade. So in addition to the 80 snicker doodles, I made this bunny for my niece. However, everyone thought it looked more like Dumbo with those huge ears!
It was a great pattern I found at: www.favecrafts.com called 'love bunnies'

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hats, Hats!

I have been wondering what to do with the large amount of left over yarn that has been hanging around for the last few years (or longer in some cases).

I decided I would make hats - as many as I could with what there is. So...I'm hoping to get at least one hat done a week, and at the end of the year will donate them all to the local homeless shelter. The two I made this week are just the basic shape - increasing to until they were the size I wanted and then hdc all the way around to the length I wanted. Both are big enough for a younger child.

The green one was made from a bulk weight yarn, and it VERY thick - but will be nice and warm.

I got started on this one and since purple is Kellie's favorite color I let her claim it! I have more of the variegated yarn and will most likely make another one like it to donate.

Cup Cozy

I found a pattern for this on http://www.ravelry.com/, but my cup is a lot taller so I just had to kind of wing it with this one. I sc a row long enough to circle the cup and joined with a slip stitch, then dc in each sc all the way around. I then dc in each dc until until the last two dc and then turned - creating a space for the handle. I continued on until it was long enough to surround my cup (about 5 inches) adding an extra 3 inches to the end and dc in each twice to thicken it up (leaving a space for the button) - I then went around the entire piece in yellow using a sc.

Blanket Edging

While we were moving I came across this blanket still waiting to be edged - it only sat around for about five years!! I couldn't remember how my sister taught me to do the edging, so I made something up.

I edged it by doing the following in each hole - sc, dc, ch 3

It turned out cute and is a little bit waving and cute for a girl.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Teeny Tiny Octi

I wanted to try a pattern using the embroidery yarn I had from a blanket and the 1.7mm hook.
It turned out SO cute! I don't know how often my eyes can handle doing a project like this, but it was worth it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vinyl for Ms. Kellie, part two

This is the rest of what we did on Sunday! Kellie picked out all the flowers and told me where to put them.

They turned out really cute!

Vinyl for Ms. Kellie

Now that we are finally all moved into our new place, I have my cricket back with me!!! I bought this purple vinyl months ago because it was a really good price and it's Kellie's favorite color. We spent Saturday decorating her room - she picked out everything.

Her door...

Heart next to her baby picture...

Dad, Mom and Kellie ladybugs for her wall...