Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 100 Post Tutorial


This is post number 100!! So I wanted to do something I never have before - a tutorial!

I have been digging through a drawer of earrings for years and years - and it seems the number of earring is higher every time I go shopping! The problem with having so many earrings in one place is that you end up forgetting that one pair or REALLY cute earring that keeps getting pushed around.

I have seen a few ideas similar to this on Pintrest and Stumbleupon and wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own - and I did! This makes my earrings look like a great piece of art in my bathroom and gets them where I can see them!

So now I'm sharing!

What you need:
Picture Frame with mat
Thumb tacks
Black screening - I got this form Home Depot in a big roll
Embellishments - I used one long ribbon
1 hour - or less

Start by taking the fame apart and setting aside the glass and backing for a future project.
Cut the black screening to the size or your inside mat, leaving a one inch boarder on each side.

Staple the first side to the mat. Pull the screening tight to the opposite side and staple.
You will not have the two 'sides' attached and the 'top' and the 'bottom' will be unattached.

Staple the top and bottom as you did each side.

Fold the corners and staple.

Place the inside frame back into the outside frame - you may have to push it in there. The size of the inside frame is now bigger.
Use the thumb tacks to secure the inside frame and keep it from falling out. (I inserted mine at a slight angle.)

Add your embellishments and hang.

Insert your earrings into the screen.

You're done!!!
If you'd like a printable copy of this tutorial just let me know!

Happy Crafting!!

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