Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Converse

This is the last project I got finished over the long weekend! I got everything done I was hoping to, which is a first! I still have a large afghan I'm working on, and don't expect that to be finished for a few more months (due to the cost of yarn more than a lack of time)

I found this pattern on www.ravely.com and after trying one shoe made some adjustments - when doing these again (and I'm sure I'll have to do them again) I will cut out one round from the sole in order to make them a size smaller. These are for my friend who has a baby boy due in August. If I can master the pattern it will be my go-to baby bootie!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Droid Robot

Yet another project finished this weekend!
In March a friend of mine at work found this pattern and hooked me up with it. (You can find it at: http://www.bethsco.blogspot.com/) My brother in law's birthday is coming up so I started this last week and finally got around to putting the finishing touches today.

I changed the pattern just a bit, I used black eyes instead of white and put the feet out front so he would sit down. (The site mentioned it's hard to get the legs just right for him to stand up)

Plarn Bag

I found a website while looking for patterns on http://www.ravely.com/ called http://www.myrecycledbags.com/. The website both shows you how to make plarn out of grocery bags - but also give you a million ideas of what to do with it when you're ready! I made this using the pattern on the site roughly - I did the first five rounds as the pattern and then just winged it. Very cool way to recycle the old grocery bags. My only problem is that I have already switched to using the 'green' bags for groceries and I'm going to have to put a call out to everyone I know to collect these for me.

The finished
PLARN!! Total of about 50 bags.

The finished bag!


Well my father in law really like the first turtle I made, so I wanted to make him a turtle - but didn't want to do the same one. So I used this pattern, also from "Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy" following the pattern exactly - although I think I fubbed the feet a little. Still it turn out cute and was a hit for his Birthday!


I made this for my husband and it was my first time using 'safety eyes', I think it turned out so stinkin' cute! I LOVE the eyes and can't wait to use them in more projects.

I followed the pattern exactly from the book, "Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy" - a book I highly recommend for those interested in amigurumi there are a bunch
of really cute animals and you'll be seeing more here in the future!