Monday, August 9, 2010

More Birthday Cards...

Alison came by this weekend and we sat for hours getting some cards done!! This is what we came up with. Most were done together so I'm counting this as 5 projects for me!
These were all done by Alison, but the cut outs were me! This was a 'challenge project' we found some supplies we didn't think we would use and had to do something cute with it. This is what I came up with - we didn't think we would use the chipboard or the ribbon - I also didn't think I would use that stamp again. So there you go! Cute card - that I might just do again! Alison came up with the cute card in the top photo on the left. I was pretty impressed!

These two cards were from the same 'template' we were using, but all me!

Days since start: 216
Projects done: 167 (49 projects behind)

Weekend Projects!

As promised, I worked hard on cards this weekend, actually worth two posts!

This first card I made for my sister from the family dog - he looks just like the one I cut out from the "Paper Pups" cartridge I borrowed from Alison! Simple but cute, just like the dog! Haha!

This is the other card I made with the dog cartridge - I'm going to be doing a bunch of cards like since. I borrowed the cartridge from Alison and she'll want it back next time she comes over!
This is my first home dec project! We already had the frames up and I thought it would add the word 'family'! I think it turned out super cute and my husband likes it too!Days since start: 216
Projects done: 162 ( 54 projects behind)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Cards!

Well I finally got back to work last night! I made three cards for my sister, she comes home in mid-September so including these cards I only have three left to make! Crazy! I remember when I decided to start sending her a card a week it was going to be about 50 cards and I wasn't sure I could do it!

This card is my favorite from last night, love the "Cosmo Cricket" paper and cute layout.
I got all three ideas from the PaperCrafts magazine I was working out of a few months ago. I'm still determined to get a card from each of the pages in that issue. And actually think I will continue to try and do that. Now that my sister is coming home I'm going to focus on birthday, thank you and just because cards.

I cut out the robots and planet from a sheet of paper I had with all sorts of robot/rocket ship stuff on it. The back strip is also from the same paper, this is simple and easy but still really cute.I wasn't so sure about this card as I was working on it, I didn't love it. But after I stamped it and turned it to the side I like it a lot better. And I love the colors!

Days since start: 212
Projects done: 159 (53 projects behind)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Five new projects

Here are the five projects I've had ready to post for quite a while: These four pages are the last of the photos I needed to scrapbook for 2007 & 2008! I have weeded through all the photos for 2009 and came up with about 80 for the new book. I'm still going to keep to a maximum of 4 pages per month, but I would really like to start cutting down to a two-page spread for each month.

Christmas Eve/Morning 2008
This family picture is pretty much the sum of my family, and I love it.
Winter Zoo trip and Kellie in the snow 2009 - I think these turned out really cute! And I took what I would have normally put on two pages and did just one page.

Christmas 2007! I don't know why these hadn't been done yet, I found them in the back of Kellie's 2007 book and remembered I just never did it! Now it's done...

Days since start: 211
Projects Done: 156 - what a summer funk! I'm getting back to it I promise!

My poor blog...

I haven't abandoned you!!! I will be posting soon - I have 5 projects ready to be posted and I will spend the weekend starting to get caught up!

Today is Day 211!! I have a lot to do, but I'm determined not to give up! Check back soon!