Friday, November 4, 2011

Sock Monkey Card

Okay, I love sock a cute monkey - like really love them - a lot.

I buy cute sock monkey paper, and patterns and dolls.  My daughter does not share this love (yet) and it's hard to justify buying some of these cute things if they aren't for her.  But who needs justification anyway - right??

So I found this really cute paper and wanted to make it last (have you checked out the price of patterned paper lately - yaowza!)  So I cut out each of the elements on the page, rather then using the whole sheet. It took some time with my little sharp snipers, but it was worth it!

I should get three or four really cute cards out of the one sheet!

Here's the front...
(the 'hi there' and circle are from my trusty cricut)
Here's the guts...
I'm thinking the next few will be cute birthday cards - or even really cute on Christmas tags!!

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