Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

As many of you know we live in Utah - and it's starting to get cold!  One of my sisters (Rachel) pinned some cute little animal ear-flap hats and 'mentioned' me as a not so subtle hint for me to make one for her daughter Abigail. When I checked out the pin there were three patterns for $15!!  I don't like to pay for patterns if I can help it, so I checked out my favorite site ( and found a free pattern for a similar hat - but without the cute ears.  

So I followed the pattern, with a few small modifications and came up with my own 'ears' and had a bear hat!  I used  'super bulky' yarn so it is thick and should be really warm.

When I brought this fantastic creation to our last 'Sister Saturday' Abigail liked it - but I could tell it wasn't exactly what she wanted.   However, my niece Opal loved it and wanted to try it on - she ended up wearing it for the entire day!!

After talking for a while I found out Abigail LOVES Angelina Ballerina - Ms. Kellie does to so I knew who that was.  After talking about it we decided Opal would get the bear hat (since we would most likely have to take it by force anyway) and I would make a new one for Abigail.

We stopped at the local yarn store and walked out with this...

With some larger ears and a pink bow (mandatory for Angelina) - it's the prefect little mouse hat!

Miss Kellie now wants a cat - so this won't be the last!!


  1. This is seriously the felt ears...thanks for linking up!

  2. oh. my. goodness. those are sooooo cute! Lil' crafter would love a hat with ears like that...he has a monster hat from Target that he wants to wear constantly. Awesome job. So glad you linked up at Shine On Fridays!

  3. I've been making hats like this and my daughter LOVES Angelina Ballerina too! Another project to add to my list of to-do items. Really great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hiya! I am new to your blog, finding my way here through Marilyn at The ArtsyGirl Connection.
    These are cute ideas. I want to make a Minnie Mouse hat for my friends 2 year old since she loves Minnie! And possibly one or two character beanies for myself. :D

    Thanks for sharing! I love the hats you made, they really are adorable!

    Happy December!

    <3 Jenn

  5. Awwwww I love it. So cute. Don't think I will get away with it with my boys outside though

  6. So sweet my daughter would love this.Thank you for joining us on Creative Thursday :)

  7. These really look great. I can understand why your niece Opal likes the one she is wearing. Fits her perfectly. Thanks for participating in the Creative Thursday Blog Hop. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Take care and have a great Thursday.

  8. Ok, now I feel very guilty for buying my daughter a monkey one. I'll definately give your idea a go.

    So glad that you joined us at Pin'Inspiration Thursday.

    Happy new follower :-)

  9. Absolutely adorable! I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!! We hope you'll join us again soon with another fabulous project.