Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Five new projects

Here are the five projects I've had ready to post for quite a while: These four pages are the last of the photos I needed to scrapbook for 2007 & 2008! I have weeded through all the photos for 2009 and came up with about 80 for the new book. I'm still going to keep to a maximum of 4 pages per month, but I would really like to start cutting down to a two-page spread for each month.

Christmas Eve/Morning 2008
This family picture is pretty much the sum of my family, and I love it.
Winter Zoo trip and Kellie in the snow 2009 - I think these turned out really cute! And I took what I would have normally put on two pages and did just one page.

Christmas 2007! I don't know why these hadn't been done yet, I found them in the back of Kellie's 2007 book and remembered I just never did it! Now it's done...

Days since start: 211
Projects Done: 156 - what a summer funk! I'm getting back to it I promise!

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