Monday, July 11, 2011

Cup Cozy

I found a pattern for this on, but my cup is a lot taller so I just had to kind of wing it with this one. I sc a row long enough to circle the cup and joined with a slip stitch, then dc in each sc all the way around. I then dc in each dc until until the last two dc and then turned - creating a space for the handle. I continued on until it was long enough to surround my cup (about 5 inches) adding an extra 3 inches to the end and dc in each twice to thicken it up (leaving a space for the button) - I then went around the entire piece in yellow using a sc.


  1. I just HAD to comment really quick on such a GREAT idea and SO Cute too! I know people like Coffee Cozy's, but this one is a unique design I haven't seen before and really adorable!
    Love it!!

    Do you sell any of your work?
    You should consider it! I would actually be willing to buy this and a few of your other Creations! :)

  2. I have been toying with the idea of a shop - but I'm kind of nervous about the commitment of it all. :/

    Thanks for your feedback - Maybe I'll make the leap on of these days!