Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rag Rug #1

We recently 'upgraded' from a king size bed to a brand new queen size bed! So I have a bunch of king sheets that I won't be using any more. I decided this was the perfect time to learn how to make a rag rug.

First - my sheet stash...

Started by ripping a few into strips.
I did this at the direction of my mom and sister - (I was going to cut strips) the first rip will come out crooked, but the following strips are straight and perfect! This was much faster than sitting and cutting the strips however, mine were too thick and a little harder to work with. Next time they will end up 1/2 the size at least.

My finished strips...

I did not follow a pattern for this rug, I just increased and decreased with a "P" hook as I thought was needed. Because the strips were thicker and I didn't follow a pattern the rug is very heavy and a little lopsided. But I like it!

Halfway there...

The finished rug!!
This rug is for my sister and I'm going to work on my for myself as well.

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