Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Made Bridal Shower Shirts

Hello there, again!!  My super-cute sister Jenn was recently the Maid-of-Honor in her best friends wedding.  To get ready for the bachelorette party she wanted to get custom shirts for each of the attendees...holy cow, have you ever priced custom shirts!  They were uber expensive, at about $28 a shirt! (because she only needed 14)

So...we put our crafty heads together with my other super-cute and super-crafty sister Stephanie and came up with a crafty plan....

We used:
Vinyl (cut on the Cricut)
Fabric Paint
Plain t-shirts (we used men's undershirts in packs of five)
Iron-on transfers (in the office supply section of the store)

Jenn wanted the words "Bridal Entourage" on the back of each shirt and a picture of the bride on the front.  We started by printing a cute picture of the bride and transferring the image as directed on the package.

Next, we cut out the words "Entourage" and "Bridal" in vinyl using two different fonts on the Cricut (Songbird & Cuttin' Up).  The vinyl can be placed directly onto the shirt and makes the painting process MUCH easier!  And we reused each cut out about five times - they came off easily and stuck to the next shirt just fine.

As soon as the paint from the first word was dry, we painted the word "Bridal" with a glitter paint using the same technique. 

See how cute and glittery!!  The Bride is a glitter girl and was sure to love this! 

The finished shirt with my super-cute sister Jenn modeling.  
They were a hit and only cost about $4 a shirt!  
You can't beat that price...


  1. Very cute and great idea. New follower, joined from Welcome Wednesday - http://www.takeitfrom-me.com/

  2. Wow!! this looks cute and very creative.

  3. That idea is so cute! If this bridal shower is still weeks later, I would suggest you girls have a 5–10 minute “t-shit trimming session” before the shower starts. This is for all the girls to do their own experiments for their own personalized t-shirt. They can cut different parts of the shirt and turn it into something sexy like, sleeveless, off shoulder or hanging, but of course without ruining the prints. It’s their choice after all. :D

    Linda Fox

  4. I think you did a wonderful job. With just a few dollars for the materials, you guys were able to save more than what you could have spent for the custom shirts. Kudos for the job well done.

  5. This is a great idea! :D Who said that bridal party must be that proper and elegant? Well, it’s really unusual to see girls wearing preppy printed shirts like these during a formal event, but these look really cool! Indeed, with some creativity, you can come up with some fantastic ideas! Good job!