Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to the Craft

It's been a rough six months for me and I'm finally getting back on track! I am back to crafting, yay!!! We have temporarily moved into a smaller place and I'm storing all my scrapbook supplies at my mom's house :( So, for the time being I have gone back to my first love of crafting - crochet.

I have a bunch of photos I need to post - finished two blankets so far! But for now I'm posting two Amigurumi projects! Don't know what amigurumi is? I didn't either - until I sat down with my sister in law and she showed me a book filled with the most adorable crocheted animals. I looked up some free patterns online and now I'm hooked...hehe crochet humor.

1st attempt at Amigurumi - Teddy bear for my daughter, she has named him "Ferndie". This turned out a little big and I think that's because I learned to crochet in only one loop, if you don't crochet that means nothing, and he would have been 'tighter' if I'd gone through both.

2nd - Cup of coffee - this is just because I thought it was adorable and my daughter has now claimed it and named it "Tea Cup". This is also a little big for me, I again need to remember to go though both loops, and I'm going to cut 4 lines off so he's short and fat. I also need to do a better job attaching the handle closer to his face (you can't really even see the eyes or mouth in this photo) - so it looks more polished.

I can't wait to share more!!

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