Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Cards!

I spent Saturday last week making cards with my friend Alison, she is now on the 'Birthday Committee' at her new job and took on the assignment of making 8.5 by 11 cards for all the 51 people in her department! So we got a good start on Saturday and finished 14 cards! I'm taking credit for all of them, because I did most of the work. (hehe!)
I have a few close up shots and then some group shots of these cards, there were to many to do an individual shot for each one! Alison brought them to work on Monday and they were a huge hit! Her boss has already picked out which card she wants for her birthday. So this has put me way ahead of schedule, and Alison will be coming by this Saturday as well to do some more simple cards (we do need a total of 51!).

Days since start: 107

Projects done: 110

1 comment:

  1. At this point I am just manual labor, but once I get my creative juices going I think we make a great team! Looking forward to our next card making day!